Headlines: 21 August, 2014

The Public Accounts Committee is critical of the way in which the monitoring body for major government IT projects avoided disclosing the escalating cost of the project by resetting the rating. The Committee said that this may have been an attempt to keep information secret and prevent scrutiny. Universal Credit will roll up six benefits […]


Headlines: 12 August, 2014

A survey of recruitment shows that public sector organisations intentions are at the highest for five years. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey reveals that recruitment intentions in the public sector have risen to a five year high with 75% indicating that they plan to recruit in the third quarter of 2014. Recruitment […]

Feature: 25 July, 2014

Phil Neal examines the findings of a recent survey on the topic of early intervention and asks how technology can support children’s services teams in rolling out successful strategies. The financial cost of the UK’s 120,000 troubled families is estimated to be £9 billion per year, according to government research. But a staggering £8 billion […]

Abstract: 13 August, 2014

This report from the Department for Communities describes progress of the troubled families programme, the challenges being addressed and the insights gained into the underlying issues. Troubled families are families who both have problems and often cause problems – where children are truanting or excluded, where there is youth crime or anti-social behaviour and where […]

Review: 12 June, 2014

Graeme Davies and Geoff Garrett offer advice to leaders in the professions. In increasingly competitive, ‘knowledge worker’ environments, people working at all levels prize their freedom and resist direction. The challenging job of leading them can often feel like the business of ‘herding cats’. The benefits of having a highly educated, independent and proactive staff […]

Review: 2 June, 2014

In Future Work: Changing Organizational Culture for the New World of Work, Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson claim that we are in the early stages of a transformation of work and there is “no turning back”. In the book’s newly published second edition, they provide compelling evidence that progressive work practices are gaining momentum throughout […]

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