Headlines: 20 October, 2014

The Department for Work & Pensions should have increased its focus on Housing Benefit fraud and error sooner, according to a report from the National Audit Office. The total level of benefit overpayment due to fraud and error has increased to an estimated £1.4 billion in 2013-14 from £980 million in 2010-11. The overpayment is […]


Headlines: 13 October, 2014

Landlords have welcomed a consultation by the Department for Work and Pensions seeking views on sharing Universal Credit claimant information with social landlords and local authorities. Allpay, the public sector payment specialist, said that the scheme would help landlords to assess and provide targeted support to their tenants in relation to managing their financial affairs. […]

Feature: 24 October, 2014

Phil Neal examines how local authorities can overcome some of the challenges they face as they prepare for phase two of the Troubled Families scheme. The work already underway to improve outcomes for troubled families is set to move up a gear, with the family focused approach remaining firmly at the heart of the government’s […]

Abstract: 14 October, 2014

The Ready For Ageing Alliance has called on the Government to act now to prevent a huge gap in care for the elderly over the next twenty years. The Ready For Ageing Alliance is made up of representatives from specialist organisations including Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Anchor and Carers UK. The scale of the ageing […]

Review: 16 October, 2014

Workplace authenticity should matter to everyone, but does the responsibility for it lie with managers or individuals? Robin Ryde and Lisa Sofianos set out their philosophy. The management task, and the responsibility that sits with the organization as a whole to support authenticity, is important. Let’s be clear that full success depends on leaders, managers […]

Review: 15 October, 2014

Though women hold a majority of the managerial and professional jobs in the workforce, they occupy a mere 14% of C-suite positions at Fortune 500 firms. To break through this stubborn glass ceiling, women must learn to take bold steps when career-defining moments arise. During her 33-year career at Southern Company, a Fortune 500 utility […]

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