Headlines: 4 August, 2017

Tenants across 25 social housing developments in Newcastle are to get broadband which is 30 times faster than the average. The service will cover almost 5000 properties with the roll out of full fibre gigabit broadband. The Council has partnered with Hyperoptic which provides speeds of 1,000Mbps. Work is underway and full fibre broadband is […]


Headlines: 21 June, 2017

Apprentices working in the public services are set to get a fairer deal under a charter launched today by UNISON. Being paid the rate for the job, high quality training and a guaranteed employment contract are among the aims outlined in the document unveiled at the union’s annual national conference in Brighton. The charter also […]

Feature: 4 August, 2017

With the constant threat of terrorism and news stories highlighting death, people may feel fearful when going about their business. Dr Stella Compton-Dickinson offers advice about how to deal with our own fears and help others deal with theirs. To help understand our own reactions, and what leads others to kill, I will refer to […]

Abstract: 18 August, 2017

The Local Government Association, which represents councils in England, said that the average new home will have to last 2,000 years if the sluggish rate of house building and replacement continues. In a report published today, the LGA argues that the country has not built enough homes for decades. As a result, existing homes must […]

Review: 22 June, 2017

The author, Tom Rath, explores what makes great leaders and teams and why people follow them. This is a landmark study of great leaders, teams, and the reasons why people follow. Nearly a decade ago, Gallup unveiled the results of a landmark 30-year research project that ignited a global conversation on the topic of strengths. […]

Review: 21 June, 2017

The authors James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner examine a fundamental question: How do people learn leadership? How do they learn to become leaders? The book is a comprehensive guide to unleashing the inner-leader in us all and to building a solid foundation for a lifetime of leadership growth and mastery. It offers a […]

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