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Compulsory tendering on way out

Headlines, PublicNet: 4 June, 1997

The Labour manifesto commitment to end compulsory competitive tendering for local authorities has been honoured with the announcement that it is to be abolished. Hilary Armstrong, the local government minister said it would be replaced by a “best value” scheme. She set out a three stage process starting with a review and consolidation period, followed by new regulations later in the year.”The Government has an open mind on contracting,” she said. “Either way there needs to be an effective partnership, and fair and open competition where this is called for.” “Achieving best value will not just be about economy and efficiency, but also about effectiveness and the quality of local services. The new framework will be a demanding challenge to local authorities, seeking continuous improvement in service cots and quality. It will be a permissive framework which emphasises local choices and local accountability. But it will also ensure that every local authority makes improvements.”

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Crime tops the agenda – Need for local government leadership

Headlines, PublicNet: 4 June, 1997

A Mori poll carried out for the Local Government Association showed that crime tops the agenda of concerns about the quality of life. 75% of people questioned rated the services to tackle crime as the most important. In the same poll, ‘working to reduce crime’ came out as the top priority for local councils.The reasons for this concern have become clear from a procession of statistics. The 1996 International Crime Victimisation Survey showed that one in three people have been a victim of crime in the past year. The survey based on interviews in 11 industrialised countries, shows that people in England and Wales are most likely to become victims of crime and face the highest risks of being burgled or having their car stolen or broken into. Michael Hough, of the criminal policy unit at South Bank University, said the findings from the Home Office’s British Crime Survey, carried out every two years, backed up the ICV Survey.

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