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Robinson axes PFI Panel

Headlines, PublicNet: 25 June, 1997

Geoffrey Robinson, Paymaster General, with responsibility for the Private Finance Initiative, is to disband the PFI Panel. Since the Panel was set up in 1994 it has acted as facilitator, catalyst and ‘dynarod’ to move the initiative along. It has identified over 1000 potential projects and contributed to getting projects valued at £7.9b across the starting line. The Panel also has a role in disseminating ‘best practice’ and in training.The decision to axe the Panel follows a recommendation by Malcolm Bates, Chairman of Pearl Assurance, who has carried out a review of the PFI machinery. He told Geoffrey Robinson that whilst he acknowledge the value of the Panel he felt their role was unclear.

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New steer for Child Support Agency

Headlines, PublicNet: 25 June, 1997

The CSA, which has the responsibility for making sure parents provide financial support for their children, has had a stormy passage since it was launched in 1992. Harriet Harman, Minister for Social Security, catalogued its failures and laid the blame on the previous Government. She claimed that the willingness of fathers to pay maintenance was misjudged and that this was compounded by a lack of clear and consistent targets. The Agency focused on raising revenue and action was targeted on those already paying some maintenance rather than those who were outside the net.She has now given the Chief Executive, Faith Boardman, a new steer. Her priorities are to:

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