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Australian management education

Abstracts, PublicNet: 4 June, 1998

Elliott G, Glaser S
Journal of Management Development, (UK), Vol 17 No 2 98
Start page: 121 No of pages: 10

Looks at the current debate in Australia over the content and future of management education after the Karpin report. Looks at how universities and industry will relate to each other and how they can work together on management education. Also discusses the mechanisms for delivering management education, focusing on curriculum renewal, collaboration between management schools, the use of technology in delivering management education, and accreditation. Sets out how the curriculum, itself, may alter and the management areas on which it should concentrate. Summarizes the recommendations of the Karpin report in an appendix.

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Northern Ireland peace process implementation outlined

Headlines, PublicNet: 4 June, 1998

Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam has outlined the next steps in the peace process. The elections to the new Northern Ireland Assembly will take place on 25 June, with the nominations closing at 4.00pm this Wednesday 3 June. Powers will be transferred to the new Assembly in early 1999. The aim is to establish the North/South Ministerial Council, agreed implementation bodies, the British-Irish Council and the British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference at the same time.

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Too many planning documents unnecessary, says new report

Headlines, PublicNet: 4 June, 1998

The government has produced new guidelines for planners that contain a warning about rushing into print over planning issues. Planning and Development Briefs: A Guide to Better Practice, says that future use of planning briefs by local authorities will depend on planners being able to demonstrate that they are effective.

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