Abstracts, PublicNet: 27 August, 1998

Senior-Level Recruitment

Arkin A, Mullen J
People Management, (UK), 30 Apr 98 (4/9)
Start page: 28 No of pages: 6

Assesses the evidence that the ‘old boy’ network is still prevalent in recruitment for senior posts in the UK civil service and other public and private sector organizations. Quotes from those who believe that women and people from ethnic minorities have been excluded from top civil service appointments and those who believe that the system is procedurally fair. Turns to the private sector and looks at the recruitment systems used to appoint senior managers. Notes that only half of the companies in a recent survey used formal recruitment systems; the other half relying on personal recommendations or internal appointments. Again finds splits in opinion over whether the ‘old boy’ system still prevails in the private sector. Concludes that recruitment in both sectors is inconsistent – formal and informal recruitment methods continuing to exist side-by-side, despite calls for the professionalization of senior recruitment. Considers the implications of this inconsistency.

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