Abstracts, PublicNet: 26 September, 1998

Merrick NPeople Management, (UK), 30 Apr 98 (4/9)

Start page: 38 No of pages: 3

Profiles the way that the North East Essex Mental Health NHS Trust (UK) approached helping staff to deal with the stress caused by the closure of one of its hospitals. Underlines that stress is common within the health service, reporting research which found that between a quarter and a third of NHS employees were under stress, including a high proportion of managers as well as clinicians. Explains the approach taken by North East Essex Mental Health NHS Trust which included improving communications and encouraging people to talk about their feelings about the closure, including a ‘mourning’ stress management group. Assesses the success of these initiatives, reporting criticisms from the unions that little was fundamentally changed by the initiatives. Looks at the wider picture within the UK National Health Service and finds a mixed approach to the issue of stress, despite widespread acknowledgement of its seriousness for the health service