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Headlines, PublicNet: 14 December, 2001

Patients are facing potentially dangerous delays in receiving test results following the end of a public private partnership in pathology, according to the British Medical Association.The problems follow the end of a private sector contract and return of pathology services at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage to the public sector. The trust and private provider OmniLabs could not agree on a formula which would have allowed the hospital to continue to use OmniLabs computers for a changeover period, says an article in the latest BMA News.

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Headlines, PublicNet: 14 December, 2001

The Institute of Fiscal Studies is one of the key institutions behind a new body set up to help governments discover whether their policies actually work.In recent years there has been a growing realisation in government that policy should be empirically evaluated, before, during and after implementation. If, for instance, a policy is aimed at specific individuals, then data about those individuals needs to be gathered and analysed, and the impact of any change fully understood.

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