Abstracts: June 11th, 1998

Chan P S, Peel D

Business Process Management Journal, (UK), Vol 4 No 1 98
Start page: 44 No of pages: 12

Examines the factors which persuade companies to re-engineer, and specific types of impact that re-engineering has on organizations. Develops a conceptual framework to investigate the causes of re-engineering which classifies these cause into external factors – customers, competitors, changing industry or market conditions, and government regulations/political pressures – and internal factors which may include the need to: improve technology, increase efficiency, reduce cost and define or redefine strategic focus. Elaborates on each of these factors before describing a study of US companies from the private, public and governmental sectors that had re-engineered, which revealed that both external and internal factors weighed almost equally in contributing to re-engineering, and identified an almost universal improvement in customer service/quality and high incidence of increased efficiency and reduced costs as a result of re-engineering.

Database: OPMA: Operations & Production Management Abstracts
Style: Theoretical with application in practice, Survey
Indicators: Research Implication- ***, Practice Implication- **, Originality- **, Readability- **, Total Number- ********* Reference: 27AG063
Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence