Abstracts: August 14th, 1998

Vowler J

Computer Weekly, (UK), 23 Apr 1998
Start page: 36 No of pages: 2

Looks at the potential dangers associated with failure to deal effectively with the millennium bug, and considers the contingency planning that should be carried out to minimize the impact of that failure. Reports and comments on the high profile being given by government to contingency planning through its Action 2000 initiative, and note the responsibility of all authorities, businesses and citizens to be aware of and plan for the millennium. Discusses an Ernst & Young project to start work on a national contingency plan by identifying the interdependencies between the private and public sectors and mapping them out into a model of the UK year 2000 vulnerable infrastructure. Identifies two types of risk, that of something unplanned happening and that of something planned not happening, and notes that risk can be long or short term. Finally reports the preparations being made by Nottinghamshire County Council and the Metropolitan Police.

Database: IMTA: Information Management & Technology Abstracts
Style: Journalistic Reference: 27AM626

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence