Abstracts: October 28th, 1998

Hall L, Torrington DHuman Resource Management Journal, (UK), Vol 8 No 1 98

Start page: 41 No of pages: 15

Investigates if the rhetoric surrounding the devolution of day-to-day personnel matters to line managers in the UK is being translated into action on the ground, and if this is happening, the form this takes. Reviews the literature on devolution and human resource management and the critiques that have been made of it. Reports research which asked just over 200 senior human resource managers about their organizations’ intentions to devolve personnel activities to line managers, the reasons for doing so and the progress made with these plans. Concludes that there is a conscious effort to devolve these activities to line managers and that this is being resisted in only a few cases. However finds that progress in devolving the activities is uneven and suggests that line managers may need more support from their organizations than they currently receive if they are to be able to carry out some of the personnel functions being devolved to them Considers the implications of devolution for the role of personnel managers and the way the personnel issues are handled within the organization. Argues that this still needs to be thought through by many organizations.


Database: PTA: Personnel & Training AbstractsStyle: Theoretical with application in practice, Survey. Reference: 27AF619

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