Abstracts: November 9th, 1998

AN EXAMPLE FROM THE PUBLIC SECTOR Woods G, Lantsheer C, Clark R EThe Learning Organization, (UK), Vol 5 No 2 98Start page: 74 No of pages: 9

Reports research that indicates the training which has a ‘customer service’ focus produces different knowledge and organizational results from training which is job and task focused. Describes a training programme that focused on customer satisfaction, designed for the European Patent Office and assesses the success of this approach to training. Outlines the content of the training, which was designed to improve the way that people chair the oral hearings involving technical and legal disputes, and which focused on how the people involved in the hearings (the customers) were treated during the proceedings. Sets out the training methods used, including the use of role play and feedback, and explains the way that the learning is structured. Concludes that the training was very successful, achieving m ajor improvements in the way that the hearings were handled.

Subject(s): TRAINING TECHNIQUES, CUSTOMER ORIENTATION, EFFECTIVENESS, ROLE PLAY, FEEDBACK, EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE, PUBLIC SECTOR, EUROPEDatabase: PTA: Personnel & Training Abstracts Style: Theoretical with application in practice, Case studyReference: 27AJ263

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