Abstracts: November 27th, 1998

Baldry DInternational Journal of Project Management, (UK), Feb 98 (16/1)Start page: 35. No of pages: 7

Looks at the way in which the public sector in the UK changed during the 1980s and 1990s with the emergence of Executive Agencies and new inter-organizational relationships based on the private sector model. Points out how risk for commercial organizations can be measured in monetary terms, but the risks for public sector activities are different and arise from problems such as veto by higher authority, no financial reward for success and risk impacts being felt beyond finance by operational disturbance and loss of amenities. Considers the part played by stakeholders and the effects of the different methods of procurement. Looks at why the public sector cannot distribute much of its financial risk over a range of other parties as is done by the private sector, and the problems that arises from loss of the experience of past projects when much activity is outside the public sector.


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