Abstracts: December 14th, 1998

Rowley JTotal Quality Management, (UK), May 98 (9/2&3)Start page: 321. No of pages: 13

Reviews the development in the UK of the User’s Charter, a contract between the public service provider and the customer, and highlights the ensuing need to measure performance; identifies the particular characteristics of services that make measurement difficult, and discusses the nature of quality in respect of services and their classification. Trawls the literature to define service quality dimensions, and concludes that it is essential for the Charter to be understood by both parties and to satisfy their differing needs.

Subject(s): SERVICE QUALITY, PUBLIC SERVICES, PERFORMANCE, MEASUREMENT, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Database: MQA: Management of Quality Abstracts Style: Theoretical with application in practice. Reference: 27AQ345

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm