Abstracts: January 8th, 1999

Ryle SPublic Finance, (UK), 28 Aug-Sep 3 1998.Start page: 24.No of pages: 4

Describes the growth of postgraduate business qualifications (MBA) for public sector managers, in order to cope with uncertainty. Argues that middle managers should seek employer sponsorship and attend a good quality business school (only one third of United Kingdom colleges are accredited by the Association of MBAs). Provides a checklist for would be students, who must be motivated to succeed. Includes a case study of a successful student.

Subject(s): CAREERS, PUBLIC SECTOR, BUSINESS EDUCATION, UNITED KINGDOM Database: AFA: Accounting & Finance Abstracts PTA: Personnel & Training Abstracts RMI: Rapid Management IntelligenceStyle: Journalistic. Reference: 27AY297

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