Abstracts: February 15th, 1999

Gosling PAccountancy Age, (UK), Start page: 22 No of pages: 2

Interviews the chairman of the UK Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which reviews public spending and comments on the delivery of government policy. Discusses his intention to focus on the impact of new policies and on value-for-money audits; and his desire to ‘audit public money wherever it goes’, e.g. to contractors. Reports his support for the National Audit Office (NAO) and for a Freedom of Information Act which would give the NAO as well as the general public more access to departmental records. Warns that although there is no conflict between the PAC/NAO and the Welsh Assembly, potential exists for conflict with the Scottish Parliament unless it sets up its own PAC.

Subject(s): PUBLIC SECTOR, PERFORMANCE, VALUE-FOR-MONEY AUDIT, AUDIT, UNITED KINGDOM Database: AFA: Accounting & Finance Abstracts Style: Journalistic. Reference: 27AH022

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