Abstracts: February 19th, 1999

Bond S, Dent P Journal of Property Valuation & Investment, (UK), Vol 16 No 4 98 Start page: 369. No of pages: 17Reviews the literature of public sector asset valuation based on registers, to plan purchase and sale of property; to minimize rates; and to ensure proper costing of in-house bids for contracts. Explains how property assets are represented in local government accounts (either profit based or based on socially responsible property management), focusing on conflicting rules, classification issues, and valuation criteria, citing New Zealand practice. Outlines the replacement cost approach to valuation of assets, pointing out cost estimating procedures, four methods of depreciation, and life cycle costing.

Subject(s): COSTING, PUBLIC SECTOR, ASSETS VALUATION, UNITED KINGDOM, NEW ZEALAND Database: AFA: Accounting & Finance Abstracts Style: Literature review. Reference: 27AR585

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