Abstracts: September 30th, 1999

Vischer J Harvard Business Review, (USA), May-Jun 1999 Vol 77 No 3Start page: 28. No of pages: 9

Presents the scenario of a large organization seeking to move to an open plan office system because the CEO thinks it will improve productivity and communication plus reduce costs. In face of the negative reaction encountered, asks five commentators to suggest what the organization should do next, their responses being: (1) don’t try to make one size fit all – the nature of the work should dictate workspace design; (2) a CEO who is focused on workplace design is probably missing more important issues facing the company; (3) communicate the reasons for change and prototype using the most senior staff; (4) don’t do it – the savings are illusory; (5) people can’t visualize from plans – provide some actual layouts.


Database: OPMA: Operations & Production Management Abstracts

Style: Case study. ISSN: 0017-8012. Reference: 28AS091
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