Abstracts: December 16th, 1999

Cicmil SJournal of Workplace Learning: Employee Counselling Today, (UK), 1999 Vol 11 No 1. Start page: 5. No of pages: 11

Examines the concept of organizational change and argues that many change programmes fail during the implementation phase leading to much frustration and confusion. Reviews current thinking on change implementation and looks in detail at the project concept of change implementation. Using insights gained from the literature aims to study a number of organisations and suggest alternative ways of designing and managing the project concept of change implementation. Outlines five of the case studies involved in the research. Evaluates the outcome in each case. Argues that managers need to negotiate and communicate with others in the organization to ensure the desired benefits of the change projects are clear from the outset and thus more effectively realized. Finds a correlation between gaps in implementation and behavioural impediments to change on the part of individuals and organizations.


Database: TMA: Top Management Abstracts.

Style: Theoretical with application in practice.

ISSN: 1366-5626. Reference: 28AE155

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm