Abstracts: January 26th, 2000

Guyomarch A

Public Administration, (UK), 1999 Vol 77 No 1
Start page: 171. No of pages: 23

Analyses the nature, extent and origins of the policies that have ‘modernized’ French public administration since the mid-1980s, assessing the extent that these reflect the New Public Management. Finds that the reforms conform to the model of New Public Management except in two ways – there is little evidence of any increase in competition within the public sector or of the introduction of private sector management practices in the recruitment, pay or promotion of public officials. Places the reforms in their institutional context, citing the political policies of the French governments in this period, the nature of public administration, the role of the unions and the impact of European Union membership as the main factors in the deviation from the New Public Management model.


Database: TMA: Top Management Abstracts
Style: Case study, Theoretical with application in practice
ISSN: 0033-3298. Reference: 28AR225

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm