Abstracts: February 24th, 2000

Kouzmin A, Loffler E, Klages H, Korac-Kakabadse NThe International Journal of Public Sector Management, (UK), 1999 Vol 12 No 2. Start page: 119. No of pages: 24

Explores the difficulties associated with performance measurement in the public sector, and looks at benchmarking as a means of measuring levels of performance through the introduction of competition into a state system traditionally characterized by co-operation rather than competition. Describes the requirements of quality standard DIN ISO 9000-9004, internationally recognized as a benchmark for quality management, assessing its applicability to the public sector, and the virtue of citizens’ charters as official frameworks for assessing and awarding quality in the public sector. Looks at quality award competitions which raise a tension between competition and co-operation and tend to consider only good organizations, and therefore do not substitute for market competition. Questions whether benchmarking stimulates competition or fulfils the performance measurement needs of public organizations. Examines the progress from benchmarking to learning strategies within Europe, drawing a number of conclusions about expanding German and other European benchmarking experiences, which point towards benchmarking as an exceptional activity in many public sectors.


Database: MQA: Management of Quality Abstracts. Style: JournalisticISSN: 0951-3558. Reference: 28AJ763

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