Abstracts: May 11th, 2000

Goodge P, Watts PPeople Management, (UK), 17 Feb 2000 Vol 6 No 4

Start page: 50. No of pages: 3

Sets out a six-step plan to manage 360-degree feedback, based on work done by the Whitbread Group. Advises human resource managers to make sure that the 360-degree feedback is part of the organization’s overall strategy; formally review the feasibility of implementing the feedback; draw up a questionnaire which is neither ambiguous nor woolly; pilot the scheme before implementing it fully; implement it in those areas that are most receptive to the scheme first; and make sure that the follow-up on the feedback is fully supported by the organization.


Database: HRMA: Human Resource Management Abstracts WO: Workplace/Organizational Learning. Style: Journalistic

ISSN: 1358-6297. Reference: 29AH319

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