Abstracts: May 16th, 2000

Carrick P, Williams RHuman Resource Management Journal, (UK), 1999 Vol 9 No 2

Start page: 77. No of pages: 16

Describes the development of development centres from their origins within assessment centre practice and indicates the range of ways in which they are used. Lists the outcomes that are expected to come from using development centres for both employees and organizations. Identifies a number of assumptions made about development centres. Finds no clear cut answers to the questions concerning whether or not development centres can diagnose employees’ development needs and lead to changes in behaviour and performance. Concludes that managers and human resource managers may have too high expectations of development centres. Underlines the need for organizations to develop both the policies and skills among managers that will promote and support employee development within the wider organizational context.


Database: HRMA: Human Resource Management Abstracts PS: Public Sector Management

ISSN: 0954-5395. Reference: 28AN110

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