Abstracts: May 18th, 2000

Al-Mashari M, Zairi MBusiness Process Management Journal, (UK), 2000 Vol 6 No 1

Start page: 10. No of pages: 33

Draws on the findings of key reports, research studies and major surveys to discuss the primary issues concerning current and future development of BPR concepts and practice. Covers: the various definitions of BPR, highlighting essential components that differentiate it from other management tools and paradigms and the need for BPR, as motivated by both external and internal drivers. Explores the different views on BPR strategy development and on the integration of BPR with other management approaches such as TQM, benchmarking and change management. Discusses the role of IT in BPR-related organizational change, and perceptions of a variety of BPR approaches, methodologies, techniques and tools. Assesses the degree of BPR-related organizational change, the achievement of business improvements via IT-enabled BPR and its impact on organizations.


Style: Literature review. ISSN: 1463-7154. Reference: 29AG421

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm