Abstracts: August 3rd, 2000

Tan P K LTraining for Quality, (UK), Vol 5 No 4 97

Start page: 150. No of pages: 10

Explains what total quality management is, and advises on its implementation. Sets out a definition of total quality management that takes into account employees and customers, as well as the business needs of the organization, arguing that this definition provides a mindset that makes successful implementation more likely. Stresses that there is no custom-made strategy for implementing total quality management, outlining how to tailor total quality management to the organization. Identifies the building blocks of this strategy as being the organization’s product, its commitment, leadership and the processes it uses to make the product or deliver the service. Explains how to put these together too, depending on whether the organization is a low, medium or high performer. Sees teamwork as being indispensable to total quality management implementation, describing the contribution it makes, and discussing how to achieve its implementation alongside total quality management.


Database: HRMA: Human Resource Management Abstracts MQA: Management of Quality Abstracts

Style: Theoretical with application in practice

ISSN: 0968-4875. Reference: 26BE854

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