Abstracts: August 10th, 2000

Cloke P, Milbourne P, Widdowfield RPublic Administration, (UK), 2000 Vol 78 No 1

Start page: 111. No of pages: 23

Examines the response to the issue of homelessness in Taunton, a rural area of the UK, to understand the new collaborations between local government, other service providers and local groups. Discusses the nature of homelessness in rural areas, pointing to the ways in which the problem and the solution differs from the usual picture of urban homelessness. Sets out the extent of homelessness in Taunton, the reaction to homeless people among the people living in the town, and the way the issue was tackled by the local council and other groups – the police, local business people, local voluntary organizations, among others. Discusses how these groups worked together, identifying the tensions that arose from the motivations and attitudes of the various groups. Points to the significance of the groups that were included in the discussions and those that were excluded (most notably the homeless people themselves). Assesses the success of the partnership approach, indicating the limitations that were found in this particular case and drawing out the implications for the partnership approach in general.


Database: TMA: Top Management Abstracts PS: Public Sector Management

Style: Wholly theoretical.ISSN: 0033-3298. Reference: 29AL610

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