Abstracts: August 24th, 2000

Hargadon A, Sutton R IHarvard Business Review, (USA), May-Jun 2000 Vol 78 No 3

Start page: 157. No of pages: 10

Asks how organizations can generate more new ideas, identifying the practice of knowledge brokering as connecting pools of ideas which can be used in new ways, places or combinations. This involves systematically using old ideas as the raw material to generate a series of new ideas. Describes the key features of a four-phase knowledge brokering cycle used by systematic innovators: work practices designed to capture good ideas, keep ideas alive, stimulate new uses for old ideas and test promising concepts. Describes the people who typically work well in the highly collaborative environment as curious, with a mixture of confidence and humility and the habit of reaching out for ideas and help. Gives a series of examples to illustrate the approach, drawing on the experience of a selection of well known companies regarded as systematic innovators.


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Style: Survey, Comparative/evaluation

ISSN: 0017-8012. Reference: 29AP389

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