Abstracts: September 21st, 2000

Wetlaufer SHarvard Business Review, (USA), Mar – Apr 2000 Vol 78 No 2

Start page: 28. No of pages: 7

Explores the need for a balanced personal approach to achieving work and life goals. Uses a fictitious case study of a high achiever from an underprivileged background who has built material and business success at the cost of personal isolation and subsequently comes to question the value of what he has achieved. Puts forward views from a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur (who has moved away from the lifestyle described in the case) and a writer of books about personal growth. Advocates spending time reassessing priorities, re-establishing family links and making some conscious choices about goals and values in order to move forward with greater energy and enthusiasm. Emphasizes that this cannot be achieved in isolation and requires both professional and family involvement.


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Style: Journalistic. ISSN: 0017-8012

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