Abstracts: September 28th, 2000

Antonacopoulou E, Kandampully JThe Learning Organization, (UK), 2000 Vol 7 No 1

Start page: 13. No of pages: 10

Argues that the widespread recognition of the importance of employees in delivering high quality service to customers has shifted the focus of the debate concerning service quality from the tangible components of service (the product) to the intangible, i.e. the way that the product is delivered. Examines this shift, focusing on the role of employees in delivering the level of service which will gain the company advantage over its competitors. Suggests that employees can only make a personal difference to service quality if they are empowered to do so. Considers how this empowerment can be achieved, discussing how employees can be given the necessary encouragement to work creatively, and the ability and motivation to do so. Illustrates this with examples of US firms that have achieved this. Concludes that learning is central to empowerment and the achievement of service excellence, and points to the overlap between this analysis and the concept of the learning organization.


Style: Theoretical with application in practice

ISSN: 0969-6474. Reference: 29AG962

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm