Abstracts: November 13th, 2000

Ryan A M, Brutus S, Greguras G J, Hakel M D
Journal of Management Development, (UK), 2000 Vol 19 No 4
Start page: 252 . No of pages: 25

Examines the managers’ reactions to management development feedback, to understand the factors that affect their acceptance of it. Briefly analyses the differences between management development and job performance feedback, before reporting research with participants and those giving feedback in a popular US management development programme. Sets out the factors that might be expected to influence the participants’ receptivity to feedback – self-awareness, age, demographic similarity between the feedback giver and receiver, previous acquaintance with the feedback giver, and self-esteem. Assesses the influence of these factors, using a survey of 225 participants (gaining a response from 90%) and analysis of tapes of the feedback (55% agreeing to this). Also asks those giving the feedback for their assessment of receptivity. Finds some support for the view that all the factors listed would influence receptivity. However, notes that participants reported that they were more receptive if the person giving the feedback was of similar race and had been met before. Also reports that those giving the feedback saw those participants who were younger, of opposite gender, and more self-aware, as being more receptive. Considers the practical and research implications of this.

Style: Survey, Theoretical with application in practice.
ISSN: 0262-1711. Reference: 29AL351

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence