Abstracts: November 20th, 2000

Christensen C M, Overdorf MHarvard Business Review, (USA), Mar – Apr 2000 Vol 78 No 2

Start page: 67. No of pages: 10

Sets out the resources necessary for organizations to manage change successfully, noting that management capability is insufficient without appropriate processes and values. Suggests that where processes are lacking, managers can create new internal structures to enable them to be developed or create capabilities through a spin-out organization. Offers a two dimensional framework to map fit to process against fit with existing values, suggesting that a functional team can only manage the innovation when a good fit is evident on both of these dimensions. Advocates the use of a dedicated heavyweight team in-house if either dimension reveals a poor fit, observing that where fit to values is poor, a separate spinout organization will be necessary to achieve success. Comments: A thought-provoking analysis with wide application.


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