Abstracts: January 10th, 2001

This survey by SOCITM is based on the responses of over 200 Heads of ICT and more than 100 Directors of Social Services and Chief Executives of Health Trusts. This latter group have informed one of the major features of this year’s report, which is a look at the reality of “joined up” working across one part of the public sector. ‘Joining-up’ is a key aspect of the Government’s modernising programme and the survey looks at the extent to which local authorities and the health service are being successful in their attempts to achieve it. It offers an accurate picture of progress towards local e-government, including details of progress towards the 2005 targets for electronic delivery of services and an assessment of obstacles including financial, organisational and cultural problems. It also shows how local authorities are using ICT to achieve modernisation and best value, as well as providing ICT investment trends including details of the levels and sources of external funding.IT Trends 2001/2 is available as a printed report or in electronic format on a CD ROM. The printed report costs £50 to public sector purchasers,  £250 to Socitm subscribers, and £300 to others. The printed report with the CD ROM costs £140 to the public sector, £400 to Socitm subscribers, and £450 to others. The report can be ordered from www.socitm.gov.uk  http://www.socitm.gov.uk