Abstracts: January 15th, 2001

Virtanen TThe International Journal of Public Sector Management, (UK), 2000 Vol 13 No 4 Start page: 333. No of pages: 9

Contends that the core competencies of staff are value competencies and that these should be understood as commitments. Defines competence, briefly reviews the literature on competence areas and commitment in terms of public managers and then comments on the consequences of new public management for commitments in everyday public management, looking at ethical, political, professional and task commitment. Explains that the new commitment is based on utilities rather than on obligations, stating that this changes normative commitment to strategic commitment.


Style: Comparative/evaluation

ISSN: 0951-3558. Reference: 29AZ413

Reproduced by permission of Anbar Management Intelligence http://www.anbar.co.uk/management/home.htm