Abstracts: July 2nd, 2001

A survey by ORC International.The survey examined perceptions of staff working in the Civil Service. It shows that the Civil Service scores above average on questions about fairness and equality when compared with other public, private and voluntary sector employers.

The findings include:71% of civil servants agree that their organisation is an equal opportunities employer (the average is 67% in other organisations); 60% of staff feel they are treated with fairness and respect (52% of employees across other organisations) however only 34% agree that employees are valued for what they can offer their organisation; 60% of staff agree that their organisation respects individual differences; 61% feel they can balance their home and working lives without hindering their career in comparison to the 19% who feel they cannot.

The survey revealed concerns amongst under-represented groups about fairness and equity. Disabled staff are less satisfied than others in relation to almost all issues addressed by the survey. 17% of disabled staff feel they have been treated unfairly as a result of their disability.

The full findings are on the Cabinet Office website at