Abstracts: July 19th, 2001

The report outlines how the National Audit Office has saved the taxpayer 1.4 billion pounds over the past three years. It has exceeded its performance target of saving 8 pounds for every 1 pound it costs to run. The 53 major value for money reports produced covered topics from the Millennium Dome to how the health service tackles obesity. It describes how evaluations of PFI deals led to improved approaches to subsequent projects which, last year, achieved savings for the taxpayer of 124 million pounds. NAO work on the National Insurance Fund led to additional debt recoveries worth 51 million pounds. A major challenge for the NAO is persuading people to adopt recommendations and change practices. The report explains how in the past year more effort has been devoted to this work. The NAO hosted major good practice conferences on hip surgery, further education, PFI and risk management.The report is available at www.nao.gov.uk . Hard copies can be obtained from 020 7798 7400