Abstracts: August 17th, 2001

Forty-eight per cent of young people said they would like a career in the public sector when questioned in a survey published by the Local Government Association. The research found that of those surveyed who had studied until 21 or over, many of whom were graduates or university students, nearly 60% said they would like to work in the public sector. Although low pay is traditionally cited as a fundamental stumbling block for public sector recruitment, the LGA survey revealed that of those young people who said they would not want a public sector career, only 18 per cent cited low pay as their main reason. The survey is part of a programme of work from the Association in the run up to a major national conference on September 17 entitled `A Bright Future for Public Services? Transforming the Public Sector in the New Parliament’.Published by the Local Government Association. www.lga.gov.uk  http://www.lga.gov.uk