Abstracts: August 20th, 2001

Report from Society of Information Technology ManagementLocal authorities looking to embrace e-government are urged to take on board a ‘compelling list of learning points’ from the experience of CiscoSystems, a private sector company which has fully embraced the new business model of the Internet economy. The report says local government is facing an unprecedented challenge in meeting rising customer expectations through the use of technology as well as the radical changes central government expects as the outcome of its e-government and Best Value policies.

The report identifies clear similarities between the company and local authorities and draws out lessons which add up to a whole new way of working. The similarities include customer service, empowerment of employees, managing information, use of the Internet, the potential for e-learning and governance of information and communication technology.

An Executive Briefing is available from SOCITM at www.socitm.gov.uk.

Hard copies of the full report are also available at 99 pounds from 01604 674800.