Abstracts: October 17th, 2001

Report by Department of Work and PensionsThis report sets out the findings of an evaluation of ‘One’ the integrated job seeking and benefits service launched in 1999. The overall conclusion is that those who took part in the One service did not secure any advantage in job seeking compared to those using the traditional method. One seeks to provide individually tailored service to job seekers helping them to overcome barriers to work and to improve their self esteem. The outcome was that participation in One made no significant difference. There was no evidence that One participants were any more likely than non-participants to have been referred by staff into supported employment or voluntary work. The view of One clients was that it was the same old process. The evaluation was designed to ensure lessons are learned for Jobcentre Plus, the department’s new agency which seeks to improve the way support is provided to those of working age who are claiming benefit.

For a summary of the medium-term effects of voluntary participation in One, www.dss.gov.uk/asd/asd5/rrep149.html http://www.dss.gov.uk/asd/asd5/rrep149.html.

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