Abstracts: January 12th, 2002

Findings from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey which tracks how employees are responding to changes taking place across UK workplaces, show that employees approaching retirement age are much more realistic than younger people about the age at which they expect to retire. Young people are most ambitious to retire early. More than half of those under 30 would like to retire at age 50 or below. People in the NHS are less likely than those in other sectors to want to retire before 50. The average age at which people expect to retire is 60. Men expect to retire between 60 and 61 on average, with women expecting to leave at just under 60. Older workers are also more satisfied, committed and motivated than younger ones. Employees aged 55 and above are twice as likely as average to be totally satisfied with the existing balance between their work activities and other aspects of their life.Published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development http://www.cipd.co.uk