Abstracts: January 16th, 2002

The report of the Modernisation Board reviews the first year of progress towards delivering the NHS Plan, the Government’s 10-year reform programme for the health service. It describes the progress made in the past year including cancer care, primary care access, the spread of clinical governance, and other important processes. Achievements include: 25 per cent more critical care beds, 0.5 more general and acute beds and a 30% increase in CT cancer scanners. In addition, 91 per cent of patients with suspected cancer are now seen by a specialist within two weeks of referral from their GP. Some 790 GP surgeries have been modernized and there are 10,000 more nurses working in the NHS. than in the previous year. The Board estimates that currently less than 15 per cent of staff are actively involved in modernisation work and it sets out a goal to increase this to 100% within 5 years. It will also develop tight linkages between leadership development and the improvement agenda.Modernisation Board Annual Report published by the Department of Health. www.doh.gov.uk  <http://www.doh.gov.uk>