Abstracts: January 17th, 2002

This SOCITM report sheds some light on the impact of outsourcing local authority ICT services, suggesting that authorities with significantly outsourced ICT services spend 25% more per user and that outsourcing has no discernable impact on the satisfaction of local authority staff using ICT services. The report also reveals that spending more money on ICT is unlikely in itself to improve user satisfaction, but that the political regime does appear to have an impact, both on user satisfaction and the level of investment in ICT. Also significant, in terms of overall expenditure on ICT, is the level of seniority of the Head of ICT. The higher up they are in the organisation, the less is spent on ICT. The position of the person the Head of ICT reports into is also likely to
affect the level of investment. The report summarises and provides analysis of the results from three benchmarking groups.

Published by The Society of IT Managers. 149 pounds. Available from www.socitm.gov.uk , or 01604 674800.