Abstracts: April 24th, 2002

By Tom Christensen, Per Laegreid and Lois R. Wise.Administrative policies and practices may evolve and change slowly and incrementally or they may be transformed intentionally. Intentional efforts to change by transforming the structure, processes, or personnel of public sector organizations define an active administrative policy. This article focuses on the fulfilment of these preconditions in the three national contexts – Norway, Sweden and the United States of America – in order to determine the relevance of a transformative perspective for understanding the process of administrative change. We examine what impact constraints like polity features, historical-institutional traditions and external pressure, particularly through popular international administrative doctrines like New Public Management ideas and financial crises, have on the possibilities to enhance an active national administrative policy.

Public Administration 2002 Volume 80. ISSN: 0033-3298

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