Abstracts: May 1st, 2002

KPMG ReportThe report based on a survey by MORI reveals that Internet access at home or work has risen to 50%. Home access is up from 38% in April 2001 to 44% in 2002. Two thirds of the British population now want to access public services online but only 15% of the UK public have actually used the Internet or other digital channels to transact with government or local councils in the last twelve months. If the relevant electronic services were available: 38% of the population would be prepared to vote in a local council or general election online, 37% would apply for/renew a passport, 37% would book an appointment with their GP, 35% would notify their council of a fault in a council service and 30% would pay their council tax. The main barriers to Internet usage remain access, awareness and understanding. Call centres are now the most used channel for accessing public services up from 9% to 29%.

The report can be obtained free of charge from Sarah North: email s.north@bisslancaster.com mailto:s.north@bisslancaster.com