Abstracts: May 23rd, 2002

The latest employment survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development shows that 89 per cent of organizations in the public sector
are experiencing recruitment problems. Last year’s survey showed that 60
per cent of all public sector organisations experienced this problem in
2000. More than half of public sector organisations reported instances of
zero response to unfilled vacancies. Retention is growing in importance in
the public and private sectors due to recruitment difficulties, high labour
turnover and the need to motivate staff affected by reorganization. 50 per
cent of the respondents had retention problems; particularly with younger
employees being less loyal and more difficult to keep hold of.

Innovation and change in recruitment and selection practice are widespread,
particularly in the public sector. Often, the measures have been taken to
address recruitment difficulties. The survey found that 79 per cent of the
public sector organizations in the survey had changed their recruitment
practices in an effort to boost success. This included reviewing the
process and adopting a more professional approach – even if it cost more.
The most common involve speeding up the recruitment process, offering
additional ways to apply for posts, being more flexible in the use of
recruitment methods, and offering flexible hours of work to attract
applicants. Three-quarters of recruiters now use at least e-mails to handle
applications or enquiries, and just over half use their corporate website.
Fewer than one in three uses a job board.

Employment Survey published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development <http://www.cipd.co.uk>