Abstracts: July 15th, 2002

The 2002 survey by the Society of IT Managment reveals that ICT staff in local government are paid well below the levels in the rest of the industry. Salary increases for private sector ICT staff over the last year once again rose ahead of those paid by local authorities and there are no signs of the situation improving. Unlike other disciplines where councils compete against each other for staff, here they compete directly with the private sector. Because of this staff turnover is rising and increasing problems are predicted in recruiting and retaining high quality staff. The survey results suggest that local authorities are increasing their efforts to compensate for differentials in salaries through fringe benefits. These include 92% of councils offering flexible working hours, 25% planning to increase opportunities for homeworking, 85% offering job sharing and 71% developing structured training & development plans.The 2002 Survey of ICT Salaries in Local Authorities Published by SOCTIM..

Available from vicky.sargent@socitm.gov.uk