Abstracts: November 4th, 2002

By Lyndsey Rashman and Jean Hartley.This paper examines the Beacon Council Scheme as a distinct policy element within the UK government’s wide-ranging local government modernization agenda. The aim of the Beacon scheme is to reward high performing councils and promote change by sharing ‘best practice’ from identified centres of excellence. The paper analyses the presumed and possible conditions which facilitate or impede interorganizational learning and service improvement through the scheme. It examines empirical data from 59 local authority elected members and officers about their attitudes towards and motivation to take part in the Beacon scheme. The data indicate that there are differing motivations for participation in the scheme and that the underlying theories of organizational learning and cultural change may be insufficiently developed to create and sustain the kind of transformational change that is intended by central government.

Public Administration Volume 80: Issue 3 ISSN: 0033-3298

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