Abstracts: November 7th, 2002

This Local Government Association booklet gives an insight into what makes local government tick. Over 21,000 elected councilors serve on 410 councils. The average age of a councilor is 57 and one third are in retirement. Performance is improving in 80% of councils, 61 of which have signed up to local public service agreements. All but two of the remaining eligible councils have expressed an interest to negotiate local agreements. Local government spends 91b pounds each year, which is 25% of public service expenditure. Councils employ over two million people, 31% of which are 50 or older and 73% are female. Earnings of council staff have grown by 13.1% over the survey period, compared to 17.1% growth of workers in the wider economy. E-champions have been appointed in 81% of councils and 45% of communications with citizens are now electronic.Local Matters in 2002 published by the Local Government Association.