Abstracts: November 21st, 2002

This report commissioned by the DTI and produced by the Society of Information Technology Management, provides a snapshot of progress being made by local authorities in the implementation of broadband across the UK. The report also provides information on the likely speed of future developments. Almost 80% of the larger authorities will be committed to a strategic approach to broadband across all networks by September 2004, but only 30% of shire districts will be. The key drivers for broadband implementation are the National Grid for Learning and the People’s Network, while 93% of smaller district councils see e-government as the driving force. The most frequently cited barrier to broadband take up is lack of funding, and the complexity of accessing the funding that is available. The report concludes that in general local authorities have a positive view of the need to adopt broadband.The report is available free of charge to Socitm Insight subscribers and 125 pounds to others. It can be ordered from http://www.socitm.gov.uk