Abstracts: January 15th, 2003

By Charles CottonThis practical guide sets out ideas on how best to recruit, retain and motivate employees using a range of reward mechanisms that go well beyond pay and perks. It confirms that traditional rewards such as pay and benefits remain important fundamentals, but argues that they are not the only factor when it comes to rewarding employees for their efforts. The report highlights the individual nature of reward. At certain times it may be possible to concentrate on the luxury of job interest and personal development, while at other times, security and paying the mortgage are the driving forces. Total Reward concludes that the cardinal rules of reward need to be rewritten and that by putting less emphasis on financial aspects to retain top talent, organizations can appeal to the personal values and lifestyle choices of today’s employees. They can begin to create the sort of mutually beneficial employment relationship that will help build the mindset required among employees to direct their efforts to the key strategic priorities of the organization.

Published by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Copies of the guide can be obtained from CIPD books on 0870 800 3366, or from http://www.cipd.co.uk