Abstracts: January 20th, 2003

The document summarizes the research carried out by iMPOWER, who were commissioned by the former DTLR to give managers a better understanding of Customer Relationship Management in the local government context. CRM is a term applied to a spectrum of strategic, operational and technical initiatives. In the context of local government it is primarily focused on improvement and integration of customer service within councils. It allows greater transparency of customer led operations and processes, improves the internal processes of the organization and supports culture change. It helps to transform service-led into citizen-centric organizations by integrating service delivery around the citizens rather than departments. It supports a vision of a single citizen-account. The Guide presents case studies showing how CRM has resulted in transformational change including better customer service, greater organizational transparency, and increased operational efficiency. It describes how a CRM strategy can be developed and how change management approaches can be implemented.Link: http://www.odpm.gov.uk