Abstracts: February 17th, 2003

This Briefing for Councillors gives an update on progress since publication of the Audit Commission report published in July 2002. It argues that E-government can help to improve services in the ways that people want and expect. The success of this vision is based on a partnership between central and local government and so it is critical that councillors play their part. The Commission found that for some councils e-government is working well. These ‘early succeeder ‘ councils have set out a practical vision of how technology can help to deliver, and improve, local priorities. But not all councils have made as much progress. The Commission found that councils have different levels of confidence in their approach to e-government and their ability to deliver. Many are hesitant and for them e-government still feels marginal to the delivery of core services. Members of ‘hesitant ‘ councils are less engaged, and central government targets rather than local needs are shaping their agendas.Published by the Audit Commission http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk/reports/AC-REPORT.asp?CatID=ENGLISH^ LG^SUBJECT^LG-CROSS-CUT&ProdID=F640DD3E-F3B5-4CA7-99CC-1C9B52A70944